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Angela Wiebe

"​Whether you are training for a competition, trying to get dramatic results, or just wanting to improve your health, you will be hard pressed to find someone who will g
et you better results than Jana and Barry." **Individual results will vary.

Rob Dyck

"In 12 short weeks I lost an amazing 51 lbs of body fat and I gained 12 lbs of muscle! Barry's infectious attitude towards better fitness and health rubs off and drives you to succeed. You realize quickly that YOUR success is first and foremost in his mind. Give him 100% and he will give you 200% in return and you to
o can realize your dreams of a healthy, fit body!" **Individual results will vary.

Eddie MacDonald

"On May 1st 2000, I began my program. Barry and Jana were there the entire twelve weeks encouraging me all the way. When I was about 9 weeks into the transformation, Barry told me I had a great shot at winning (Body for Life Challenge) in my age group of 40 yrs. I was doubtful but he pushed me and continually encouraged to stay the course and my results were absolutely outstanding. I was one of two Canadians to win of the 37 winners that year in the first International Competition. My results were loss of weight, body fat composition change, muscle gain and energy galore. Thanks to Barry for his encouragement and weight training techniques. He truly was my inspiration, mentor and go to person for my body Transformation. I wouldn't have accomplished what I did if it wasn't for Barry." **Individual results will vary.

Kelley Chalmers

"I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Jana. When I first met her and she took my measurements I must say I was a little embarrassed, but I soon got over that and we got to work. When I started I weighed just over 200 lbs. With Jana’s help and latter, on my own from what she taught me I now weigh 138 lbs. but, the weight is just a number. I feel so much better about myself. It has changed my life personally and professionally Thank you so much Jana!" **Individual results will vary.

Jen Abeele

"I made the decision to get some professional help as I was approaching my 30th Birthday. I began to notice that I was getting soft and had put on some weight. When I started with Jana I had no muscle tone whatsoever. Now thanks to Jana and some hard work on my part, I have started to tone up. I am able to do activities that before would have been too difficult or would have tired me out. Not only did Jana help me improve my body, but she also helped me improve my way of life. She was always there to support me with the training and adjusting to eating healthy. I will be eternally grateful for her help and for her expertise. I highly recommend Jana to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and fitness. She is a wonderful trainer who gives positive encouragement and helps you realize that you can do whatever you put your mind to. I am blessed to have met and trained with Jana. Thank you Jana for helping me to feel comfortable in my body again!!!" **Individual results will vary.

Tania lost 23 lbs of fat and 16.5 inches.
"I decided to do something good for myself after Christmas when I saw Jana's add in the newspaper. I had always been slim in the past but had gained unwanted weight over the last two years; I was not happy with the way I looked and didn't want to be a another "overweight mom" Jana provided the motivation and inspiration I needed. She was always positive, worked me hard and supported me when I lagged. Her tireless encouragement, support and friendship shaped me into the person I am now! Definitely worth the i
nvestment." **Indvidual results will vary.

James Gordon

"Thank you so much for all of your help. You helped me to get started on my transformation and answered my many questions throughout the competition [Body for Life, 2003]. I have really changed over the last 12 weeks, not just physically, but personally too. You were part of this change and I want to thank you for that!"  Ja
mes lost 45 lbs of fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle. **Individual results will vary.

James Bishop

"Let me start with a huge 'Thank you!!' to Barry. When I started, I was a hefty 290LBS and my body fat was at an astonishing 35%!!! In 12 short weeks I lost an unheard of 63LBS of FAT, gained 15LBS of MUSCLE, and whittled away my body fat down to a fit 15%. Barry’s awesome attitude towards getting fit helped me a great deal not only in the gym but also with my self confidence and attitude towards life in general. Change is always a good thing, and in this case, it’s a great thing. All you need to do is take that first step and the rest is easy. The 12 weeks flew by in no time and before I knew it, I had a new body, and a new outlook on life! I’ve constantly struggled with my weight over the years, but I finally found out that it’s not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. With Barry’s help, anything is possible when it comes to fitness. His positive attitude and helpful knowledge of the body is nothing short of amazing! Anyone can do this! So please, if you were like me, stuck in a rut, not knowing what to do and are tired of being out of shape, consider this program and you won’t regret it, I promise you!" **Individual results will vary.

** Disclaimer: Consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person.