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- Barry & Jana Ratzlaff    CPT, CHC

Full-Body resistance training combined with consistent, high-intensity cardiovascular training, balanced nutrition, and selective supplementation, will produce noticeable results. **

Barry Ratzlaff

After 11 blissful years of marriage, Barry awoke to find himself 60 pounds overweight and feeling hopelessly sedentary. That was Fall of 1998. He knew he wanted to change, but lacked the know how.

​Then came the Body for Life Challenge, and the rest is history. Barry lost over 50 pounds of fat and put on 20 pounds of muscle in 15 weeks. That was good enough to win his category in the 1999 Challenge.

​He followed up his EAS victory by getting his Personal Trainer's certificate, and went on to coach David (Eddie) MacDonald in his first runner up placing in the 2001 BFL contest.

Barry, along with his wife Jana, continues to train and inspire anyone that desires to change, teaching them sound transformation techniques and helping them reach and exceed their goals. 
Jana Ratzlaff

Jana has been active and fit all her life. However, after having four children in just 4 years, she needed to take a more holistic approach to weight-management.

In Feb. of 2000, she entered the EAS Body-for-Life Challenge, losing 25lbs. and drastically changing the shape of her body. By following a consistent weight-training, cardio and nutrition program, she has kept off the weight and continues to make gains in her overall strength, endurance and physique.

In 2001, she completed the Personal Trainer course through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Jana maintains her certification by continuing her education with classes on Nutrition, Exercise, Weight-Management and Fitness Safety.

​​Her goal is to help others succeed in creating and maintaining a fit and healthy body and lifestyle.
Barry - At the Start...                     Today               Jana- At the Start...                    Today
** Disclaimer: Consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person.